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My Story


I was lead to believe that all there was to creating the perfect dog was dedicating time, energy and training.

Great and I was ready to do that!


So when I was considering getting a dog I prepared the best I could.  Read books, researched the internet the usual.  There were lots of different trainers out there and they all taught in a different way.  I had seen some training methods that I did not agree with so I was going to go the force free training route no question.


I would be an unstoppable and completely up for this. Lovely walks, meeting and socialising with other people and dogs, snuggles on the couch, holidays together, beach visits and maybe some other dog activities. I am getting a dog! I had dogs in my life growing up I got this. 

I was independent and confident and had a good set up financially and with my own home. I had done the research and I had it in my head about the commitment of taking on a dog.

I should be able to get a dog trained. You would think, right?


Enter my Male beagle Diesel.

In hindsight Diesel was always a very strong willed dog. But nothing prepared me for this breed of dog and he was a challenge.


I was determined that this would be great. I got stuck in, its training time for this highly stimulated, sniffy chasey puppy.


Well, it was not a great experience, we went to a training class ( I will not state what they were or who! ) but I did not achieve a thing every week the same sitting at the corner of class being told to keep him quiet and keep feeding him! when it was his turn to do anything he was so excited it was hard work and the instructor was very quick to get our turn out the way.  I went home in tears as I just did not know what to do and I had no help and guidance out of the classroom from the instructor.  I had paid money for nothing I felt lost. 

I listened to the wrong people who said my force free training at home with play was the root cause, they told me my dog needed a firmer approach, that was never going to happen!!!   


I despaired and questioned myself whether I was the right person for this dog,and cried heavy tears at even the mere thought of rehoming him. That was never going to happen I would not give up on him.

All I was focused on was to get him trained so I could enjoy life again, but in the meantime we weren’t enjoying life…So I took it upon myself to train from home and learn what I could myself and got help from friends when we socialised on walks.  

I needed to do this for him and learn to understand him.  I finally did it!!! I practiced games which he liked used food reward and things started to get better. I started and knew what he was going through and the story well........ he still had his moments but he gave me the help and inspiration I needed to help others and work with dogs and not let them have the same experiences like me.  I loved him and he was family and I did not give up!

In the meantime my dog family grew and the three girls first my beagle girly Lara, a year later my springer Lola and finally another year later my collie x shepherd Dena came into my life.  All their personalities were completely different but I now knew how to understand them. How to get the best out of them and me.  What a great crew of dogs I had. They have been there for me throughout everything. Multidog households are very different and more learning along the way.

I decided to work more with dogs in different areas from dog walking to grooming to working at a kennels and rescue centre.  I went on numerous courses and workshops and started helping others with training 8 years ago now.  Wow how time has flown.  I have been learning myself along the way and my dogs have given me so much that I could not get from a book or even a course.  

It was never just about the training it was building relationships and my mindset through this journey.

I recently lost both my beagles and 'well heartbroken cant even explain it!' ......... this story is for another time. I was so so lucky and grateful for them.  The Senior journey with them was a stretching time but I learnt so much I gave them everything I had inside me.  They were very happy dogs right until the end. 

Myself, Lola and Dena are on a new journey together now and time really is precious.

My dogs have made me who I am today and I am so grateful and hopefully I can now guide and support you. I had no one and always felt lost even with the smallest of issues, training, self care, senior dogs, dogs with medical conditions and loss.  



I feel like I have found the missing piece of the dog owning journey that can be transformational and gamechanging and can now share it with others.

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