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All New Bespoke Life Coaching and Training Sessions

'I should be able to own, train

and take care of a dog right ? '

Dog Training is not the whole picture!

Have you ever noticed that the behaviour consult, training classes , vet visit or even going to a rehabilitation session always focuses on the dog and its underlying emotional state or health? and what our dogs lasting memories will be if and when the time comes.


We try to help the dog deal with their environments and build great positive and stress free associations with all the novelty the world throws at them. We do this to help and guide them. We want them to have a happy, healthy enriched life so they suffer as little stress, worry, fear, pain and suffering as possible.


So doesn't it make sense to do this for us the owners too ? !


Your dog can't make any great decisions when they are dealing with lots of different feelings and having so many distracting things to choose from. They also need time to rest and reboot.

We also need that in our lives too !

A life with your dog probably looked very different from the one you are on now. Relaxing dog walks, taking your dogs on holidays, to the pub, socialising with other dogs. Them running around on the beach, going hiking or playing with your children in the garden. It did not involve lunging and barking at other dogs, running off all the time chasing things, having baby gates everywhere, using a crate to calm your dog down, car sickness and much more.... Your dog suffering with a medical condition, numerous vet visits, unable to do what they used to now they are a senior dog. The loss of your best friend whether it be too soon in their lives or even if they have grown very old in years and it is there time and time went quicker than you imagined it would.

Are you ready? To take care of yourself , Or yourself and your dog

You deserve it!

With all the energy you spend/spent on your dog and taking care of them it's now time for you to do that for yourself .

Mental Health for you and your dog is important !

Everyone's journeys with their dogs are unique. How you move forward from here will be different for each and everyone one of you. Whether or not that journey includes your dog or they are no longer with you.

How do I do this? Can I do this? Yes! Yes!

I can help guide you and teach you in my new Life Coaching Programmes.


Taking care of you and your dogs mind, body and soul ! 

overcome things like.....

Household Manners 
Lead Manners 

Off Lead Freedom
Puppy issues (biting, chewing, toileting) 
Initial Home introductions
Barking and lunging at other dogs


Recover faster from a 'reactive' naughty but nice dog situation

Accept setbacks more easily

Improve family - dynamic with your dog

Increase your self confidence

Help bring enrichment and great experiences and fun into your relationship with your dog


Create space in your life for non-dog related passions

To help see that you are or were the best owner for your dog and you are doing or have done an amazing job!

Stop the feeling of blame and guilt that you didn't do enough

Help support those Senior and Medically ill Dogs

Help you heal with the Loss of a Dog

A new transformation plan for you or you and your dog to set you up for success.  Simple and easy to follow, really understand what you and your dog are dealing with day to day. 

Real life results. No owner and dog is ever lost !! 

Dog and Its Owner
Brown Dog
At the Vet
Dog pulling on leash


An initial phone call or online consult via Zoom ( 15 minutes free call ) .
A Behavioural Form for you dog to fill in before booking our
Online Consult.

We then book in a suitable Initial Assessment Date.

Once a date agreed we will meet online via Zoom or

online service you have. 

I get to know you, or you and your dog and start to put a
transformation plan into place.

We will go over your struggles, or other situations you are going through.



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