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Dog Walking/New Bespoke Dog Visits


Dog Walking - Offering Friendly, Reliable, Experienced, Fully Insured Dog Walking, 

I am confident and experienced in exercising dogs in a safe way. I offer my dog walking services in the Dereham and surrounding areas. With varied destinations in the local area there are plenty of lovely walks to go to.

I treat all the dogs that are in my care just like my own and make sure they are fit and healthy and well looked after.  We have lots of fun and games and great walks with treats of course!  Also I can help with training and encourage good social skills around other dogs and people.



Bespoke Dog VisitsI am so pleased to be offering a bespoke service for Senior Dogs, Dog with medical conditions or in ill health. 

Maybe you don't need someone to walk your dog but just someone to spend some time with them.  I can offer visits where I can help enrich these dogs lives with fitness games from home, maybe they have an injury and are on limited exercise and need a helping hand along the way with their rehabilitation.  You are struggling as you need to work or maybe you are wanting to go out for the day and just need someone to check in on them and you are no longer able to take them with you.  You are needing them to go to a vet visit or maybe a hydrotherapy session but you are unable to fit this in yourself.  I can provide care and also companionship for your dogs and also if they require any medications I am able to administer this aswell.  

I am very aware of the restrictions this time in their lives can be and the guilt you may feel or even the stress and frustration this can bring.  

How does it work?

An initial free visit to your home to meet your dog. A behavioural assessment will be carried out.  We discuss their routines and then we arrange the dates and times on the visit and sign some forms and away we go. 




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