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Helping you and your dog live a happy life

Hi, I’m Stacy Fenn and I am The Truthful Trainer.

I help dog owners how to understand, teach and guide their dogs and learn how to transform their dog owning journey.






The Truth...

When you picked up your puppy or rescued your dog or took on a dog another way, you pictured the life you were going to have and how amazing it would be.  The adventures you would go on, how it would be so great to add another family member to your home.

There was the excitement, the hope, the enthusiasm.  You wondered what the future would bring. You imagined how you would feel and what a dog would bring to your life. 


Reality never really matches expectations!


When you are living with a challenging dog that could be.... reactive, fearful, over excitable or has medical issues or even a senior dog and maybe a new puppy with no idea what's happening, you’re always “on” .

  • What happens when the doorbells ring at any point !

  • Dogs may appear out of nowhere out on a walk !

  • You have a multidog household !

  • The 'naughty but nice dogs' which other people call the reactive or aggressive dogs are struggling in the world.

  • Other owners shouting at you or telling you what you NEED to be doing !

  • The other owners who don't put their dogs on leads or state the quote 'my dog is friendly'.

  • What happens when you find out your dog has medical conditions that change your lives.

  •  The moment you have to say goodbye to your best friend

It's exhausting and right now…

  • You feel trapped because you can’t have family over

  • You feel discouraged

  • You get annoyed or frustrated and take it out on your loved ones, and then guilt yourself over it

  • You doubt yourself and your ability to keep doing “this”

  • For once you would like your day to be relaxed

  • You want to get rid of the resentment you feel, towards your dog, towards your family members for not getting on board the training-train, or towards the “my-dog-is-friendlies” of this world.

  • The overwhelming feeling of having a medically ill dog and what it takes to look after them

  • How you are going to feel without your best friend in your life and how to carry on without them

  • The sadness you feel already when your dog becomes a senior and starts to not be able to do the same things as they used to.

Like you as an owner of dogs and a trainer myself I put so much effort into training them in their younger days and then caring for my dogs especially in their senior years and with their medical issues. I poured my heart and soul into everything. I believed that would get me closer to the life I wanted. Well, that and I didn’t want my dogs to feel stressed out all the time. I wanted them to have a good life a great life.

It turns out that the road to feeling good about life looks different for everyone and the experiences I have had have now taught me alot.


Honestly and Truthfully, Reality is that training, caring and looking after dogs throughout their short lives, isn’t the (whole) solution.

  • It takes time sometimes to see results in training.

  • Every owner and dog team are different this can become very stressful for people when they start comparing themselves and their dogs and their situations to others.

  • Feeling your dog or puppy may never get to where you want them to be.

  • Your situation might not allow for the amount of training needed.

  • Training might be adding to your stress and the dogs.​

  • Overwhelm doesn't allow you to process situations properly.

  • Mindset and how you cope everyday affects your relationship with your dog.

  • Sadness can take away the time you have now to make a difference and live in the moment with your dog.

So let’s train your brain to confidently decide what is right for you and your dog.  Lets find that 'Powerful Why' the  reason you got your puppy or dog in the first place.  Lets work from there and start to transform the way you look at training and the way you look at your relationship with your dog and how it affects your life too and how to enjoy and embrace every moment you have to together.  


All through the power of Mindset, Positive reinforcement and understanding yourself and your dog

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